The New MGA

On Tuesday, May 31, the government tabled the Revitalized Municipal Government Act (MGA) or Bill 21.  The Bill, which is more than 500+ pages, addresses concerns and stakeholder recommendations heard by government over the past three years.

There are three broad policy questions that are specifically address in the new legislation:

  1. How are municipalities empowered to govern?
  2. How do municipalities work together to plan for growth?
  3. How are municipalities funded?

Of particular concern for developers is the addition of policy items related to inclusionary zoning, the scope of offsite levies, the creation of a new conservation reserve category, and the definition of environmental reserve.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the government’s proposed amendments.

Over the next week, the UDI Alberta MGA Committee will be working to review, analyze and understand each of the policy changes proposed in the new legislation.

The Committee, composed of industry experts including Russell Dauk from Rohit Group of Companies, Patrick Shaver from Avillia Developments, Peter Cavanagh from United Communities, Gord Bontje from Laebon Homes, Brad Armstrong from Qualico Communities, and Grace Lui from Brookfield Residential, will together consider the UDI Alberta position against the new policy amendments and will prepare material for distribution to the full UDI Alberta membership.

A special bulletin with UDI Alberta’s official response to the proposed amendments will be sent out to members on Tuesday, June 7.

On July 6, UDI Alberta representatives will meet with Minister Danielle Larivee to present our official response to the proposed amendments and to get clarification on how the policy shifts were arrived at.

As well, we will be working with CHBA Alberta and other industry stakeholders to ensure that our responses to government are consistent with each other.  As part of the Joint UDIA/CHBA AB MGA Committee we will work together to prepare material for members and we also hope to join forces with other industry stakeholders, like CAPP, BOMA, NAIOP, etc. when appropriate.


Throughout June and July, UDI Alberta will visit our local chapters to educate members on the proposed changes and talk about the strategy we will deploy in response to the new legislation.

Tour dates include:

Edmonton – June 10
Red Deer – June 15
Grande Prairie – June 22
Medicine Hat – July 11
Lethbridge – July 12

CLICK HERE to learn more about the MGA tour and to learn how you can register for an event in your community.

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