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Until the early 1950’s in Calgary, development was conducted almost exclusively by the City of Calgary. Staff shortages and the ever-escalating cost of installing services in a growing community made development an increasingly more difficult commitment to fulfill.

To help alleviate the problem, an agreement was reached between the City of Calgary and private developers, whereby the City of Calgary would install the trunk lines and the installation of services off the trunk line became the responsibility of the developers.  Over  time, this arrangement was amended to allow the City of Calgary to recover trunk costs through acreage assessments. It is rumored that this first agreement was hand written on a manila folder…a thought that stretches the the imagination a little when considering the complexity of today’s development agreement.

UDI Alberta Founders: Doug Keough, Southwood Developments; Joe Strathern, Art Sullivan Developments; Norm Trouth, Kelwood Corporation; Joe Combe, Carma Developers; Maurice Chornoboy, Quality Construction; Victor Lewis, Calgary Suburban Developments; Joe Tonin, Art Sullivan Developments

The earliest recorded development agreement was signed on October 15, 1955 – on the City of Calgary’s behalf by the Mayor and the Commissioner for Public Works.  Four companies, referred to as “the contractor” were involved in the agreement which was based on 50/50 cost sharing.

This alliance gave rise to similar local arrangements and it was determined that a formal organized association was required.  In 1958 a formal charter was drawn up and on November 10th of that year The Urban Development Institute was registered under the Societies Act of Alberta.

2016 Board of Directors

Peter Cavanagh – Board President
Vice-President, Edmonton Land Development Division, United Communities
Peter is responsible for United’s land acquisitions and development activities in Edmonton and participates on several municipal and industry committees.

Patrick Shaver – Board Vice President
President, Avillia Developments Ltd.
Patrick’s career in the land development industry began over 20 years ago and includes projects such as the Aquatic Centre for the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games and land development infill projects in Sydney.

Laurie Scott – Board Treasurer
Vice President, Cameron Communities
Laurie is a finance and land development professional currently serving as Vice President of Cameron Communities overseeing multiple residential development projects in the Edmonton area.

Ray Watkins – Past President
Principal, G3 Development Services Inc.
Ray is the current President of UDI Alberta.  He has over 30 years of land use planning and development experience, working for organizations like the City of Edmonton, Strathcona County, Stantec, Genstar and WAM.

Shane Erickson
Regional Vice-President Northern Alberta, Qualico
Shane has well-rounded practical experience having worked in the capacity of land use design consultant, municipal approval and process facilitation, and land development manager for over 20 years.

Gord Bontje
Owner/President, Laebon Developments Ltd.
Gord co-founded Laebon Developments in 1976 and is a major land developer and home builder throughout Central Alberta.

Grace Lui
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Brookfield Residential

Grace Lui is currently a Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives, working on City-wide initiatives and building partnerships that contribute to the quality of communities as they develop. Grace has extensive experience in both planning and land development, working as a private planning consultant and a public planner, and doing land development in both private and public sectors.

Susan Monson
Regional Manager – Edmonton, Melcor Developments
Susan Monson is a real estate development professional with extensive experience in residential, industrial and commercial property development. She has a proven success record in land acquisitions, project financing and cash management, engineering and construction management, urban planning and design, as well as managing joint venture corporations. Currently, Susan is the Regional Manager for Edmonton and Area with Melcor Developments.


Scott Pravitz
General Manager, Prudential Lands
Scott is the General Manager for one of the most successful residential land developers in Northern Alberta that has led the industry through innovative community design, architectural controls, quality driven construction and superior customer service.

Clayton Ganson
Associate, Stantec Consultants
Clayton is an urban land engineering expert with over 14 years of experience in municipal engineering.

Curtis Presber
CFO, The Meadowlands Development Corporation
Curtis Presber joined Meadowlands Development Corporation in 2011 as CFO. Prior to Meadowlands, Curtis spent the better part of a decade working with entrepreneurs to build a small local oil and gas service company into a thriving company. There he served as Finance Manager and Controller. Before his private company work, Curtis also spent many years in the public finance industry.

Randy Meise
Owner, Tri-City Developments
Randy is major developer in the Cold Lake and surrounding area and is President of UDI Cold Lake.

Wesley Holodniuk
General Manager, H Wilson Industries
Wesley has 20 years of experience in public infrastructure and engineering services for program development.

Tally Hutchinson
President, Daytona Group
Tally follows in the footsteps of his father Ralph and has developed and expanded the Daytona Group of Companies by creating meaningful, lasting relationships with industry partners and customers.  He is currently President of the CHBA Alberta.

Trent Purvis
Manager, Southern Region Land Development/Municipal, WSP Canada Inc
Trent has spent the last 20 years working in the consulting engineering industry. His background is in the technical aspects of civil engineering, land servicing, municipal systems and transportation engineering.


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